Kevin Kruse, MD

Kevin Kruse, MD, is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon at the Texas Orthopaedic Associates. He sees patients in Plano and at the Walnut Hill Lane location in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Kruse has extensive fellowship training in treating the shoulder, wrist, elbow, and hand. Dr. Kruse received his undergraduate and medical degrees at Indiana University in Bloomington, where he played linebacker for the Hoosiers and made the Academic All Big Ten team.

After graduation, Dr. Kruse completed his residency at the Greenville Health System University Medical Center in Greenville, South Carolina, and trained in Greenville’s Steadman Hawkins Clinic of the Carolinas. To further his training, Dr. Kruse completed a fellowship on the hand and upper extremities at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center before traveling to Lyon, France, to complete a fellowship on shoulder, wrist, elbow, hand surgery at the Centre Orthopedique Santy, with the world-renowned surgeon, Gilles Walch.

Dr. Kruse has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on the field of shoulder, wrist, elbow, and hand and presents regularly at medical seminars throughout the country. He is one of two doctors in Texas with membership in both the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons medical societies, Dr. Kruse is uniquely qualified as a surgeon and is constantly kept informed of the cutting edge of orthopaedic techniques and technology.

As a former football player, Dr. Kruse is intimately familiar with the experience of receiving orthopaedic care. Understanding the point of view of his patients, combined with his exemplary level of education and training, gives Dr. Kruse the perspective to treat his patients with the care and thoroughness they deserve.

Dr. Kruse is available for surgery or treatment of the Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, and Hand at the Dallas office on Walnut Hill Lane and in Plano. He lives in Dallas with his children and his wife, Stephanie.



Patient Testimonials

Before surgery, I couldn’t touch the top of my head and I had constant pain. I am very pleased with the replacement of my Right Shoulder by Dr Kruse at Texas Orthopaedic Associates. The staff at his office and surgery center were professional and accommodating, deserving a “10 plus” rating. Following surgery, I went to Physical Therapy three times per week for 6 weeks, which was a “must”, and very beneficial. Three months after surgery, I had no pain and I’m back to hitting golf balls and shooting basketball. At the age of 79, I feel very fortunate to have such great results!
Ed M

Thanks to you Dr Kruse I have mobility that I would never have had. I feel like you truly care about your patients and you are very knowledgeable of the surgery and the healing. I think it helps that you have had shoulder surgery yourself so you can sympathize with us. Thanks again! :-)
Kathy K

I am a 57 year old male who injured my shoulder back in my days of playing hockey. For years I ignored the pain until the cortisone injections failed to offer any relief to my injured left shoulder. My shoulder became progressively worse over years due to severe arthritis and bone spurs. Soon, my struggles due to restricted mobility and strength loss simply became too much.
Upon visiting Texas Orthopedic Associates in December 2016 and in meeting with Dr. Kevin Kruse I decided to have reverse shoulder replacement. First, it is extremely important to note how comfortable I immediately felt upon meeting Dr. Kruse. He reviewed both my scans and x-rays and completely explained the severity of my injury. Dr. Kruse further took the time to explain what I was to expect concerning the operation, post operation, and recovery. Dr. Kruse was fully confident this surgery would be a life changing event. One that would again allow me to regain nearly full mobility of my shoulder.
Almost immediately post-surgery the constant pain was gone. I am six weeks out from my surgery date and I feel great! Many people simply associate surgery with pain and lengthy recovery, however I can tell you my experience was one of great success with very limited discomfort. Yes, there was a recovery period with medication, nerve block and a brace, but the (my) outcome was a blessing.
I want to recognize Dr. Kruse’s entire staff for taking genuine care of me as I am a very difficult patient by nature. Dr. Kruse whose specialty is shoulders is a highly talented surgeon and I offer my highest regards.

Dave N

The decision to have a total shoulder replacement last year is a decision I will never regret. Both the pain and the restrictions in the use of my arm are gone. It’s as if there had never been a problem with my shoulder. Recovery from the replacement surgery was not as bad as I thought it would be; it was much easier than the recovery of my broken shoulder 6 years prior to the surgery.
If anyone is in need of a shoulder replacement, I highly recommend that it be done sooner rather than later – and preferably by Dr. Kruse, who skillfully guided me through the entire process.
Diane Martindale, JD, PhD

I am 65 years old. Had both my shoulders replaced by Doctor Kruse, one almost 2 yrs ago and the other 1 yr ago. The whole process with rehab has been incredible. Almost no pain after the operations. Hard to believe I know but he did such a great job. The rehab went extremely well also. Got back into golfing and cycling very quickly and am shooting under 80 most of the time. Both shoulders are pain free, like brand new. Best doctor I have ever had.

Mark M