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Athletic Trainers

At Texas Orthopaedic Associates, we pride ourselves on having one of the most innovative and comprehensive sports medicine programs in Texas serving local schools, college teams and club sports organizations.

Our athletic trainers are available to be the liaison – your “go-to guy” – when your athlete has a sports injury. Communication is vital – especially when you’re concerned about a young person’s treatment, their rehab and timeline for returning to their active lifestyle.

Because there are a lot of “players” involved – coaches, parents, physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists and the athlete – we will serve as the “project manager” overseeing the entire treatment process to insure its effectiveness.  We’ll also assist with setting up and expediting appointments.

Our other responsibilities include facilitating the athletic trainer CEU lecture series and directing the athlete injury clinics that are held at TOA locations during football season.

Let us be your first contact for information on treatment procedures, rehab and the functional status of your athlete.

Athletic Trainers

David Heck, OPA-C, ATC, LAT
Bill Currie, OPA-C, AT

For your convenience, we have included electronic forms that will need to be completed before treatment at TOA. Click the links below to download the forms in pdf format:

Athlete Medical Referral Instructions
Patient Profile Sheet
Parental Authorization for Medical Services
HIPAA Compliance

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